References are good, but in many cases we have seen, that the success should be more important than having had many projects. The competitors often have more references than we but they usually do not prove their success. The difference with us is, that we always strive to deliver a good work and our customers are usually very happy with our work. And we go for new markets and new ideas, striving for a sustainable economy and climate change mitigation.

Nevertheless we have worked in various sectors like vocational training, industrial development, high-tech buildings, future-of-the-work, social security, energy efficiency or usage of renewable energy in Germany and in many other countries. You will hardly find any other consultant covering so many fields, being all-rounder and generalist but also enough specialist, due to our scientific approach and permanent education. Our work is based on facts and figures - thinking challenges through. We intend to combine short-term with long-term success.

Our customers are mainly small and medium sized enterprises, municipalities and rich independent gentleman and gentlewomen. Call us and we will discuss your challenge or problem and you will have to decide, if we could be your consultant of choice and trust, thank you. Confidentiality guaranteed.