Informations about our offers


Management consulting is a challenging work, where we collect and analyse in a systematic and disciplined way the actual data in order to find practical solutions for our clients wishes. The commitment of the management of a company is needed to resolve issues and a close cooperation between the director of the company and us as the consultant is very important.

    The typical problems we are called for are:
  • determination of the capacity of a company in the fields of the technical know-how, the already available machinery and the financial abilities of the client for the realisation of a specific project,
  • development of a sustainable value-added chain, beginning with the search for suppliers, roughly designing the production facilities, logistics, market research till the possible problems of legislative regulation and work force needs,
  • calculation of the economic viability of a (industrial) project and if necessary development of a business plan or a plan for a profit centre (especially for innovative products).


Energy efficiency could be reached in general by optimizing the energetic consumption, which involves the search for a less energy intensive and more rational use of energy, processes and tools.


This is the same concept as it is for energy efficiency, looking for using less material or replacing materials with alternatives.


Calculation of product-related, site-specific and/or process-related emissions of carbon dioxide.


We consider all paths for the realization of a project to find out its feasibility or develop additional inputs which would be necessary to make it feasible and to avoid pitfalls. We offer these studies for all kind of branches but especially for the renewable energy sector:

  • Solar Power Plants (CSP)
  • Bioenergy (biogas / wood / pellets etc.)
  • Electromobility (cars / infrastructure / trade)
  • The industrial sector of manufacturing machinery
  • The sector of production of consumer goods
  • Waste management
  • Material flows and resource management
These studies aim to show the possibilities of a company or group of companies concerning their project by supplying them with results concerning the factors of production (raw material, energy, skilled labor etc.) and the solutions for waste (eg. recycling ) and the strategies to sale their products.

Sometimes the question we have to handle is only to evaluate given solutions or alternative offers provided by the customer.

    • Elaboration of pricing systems: Determination of the correct price for a product or service, as this is important for an upturn in demand and an increase in turnover.
    • Political consulting: Preparation of by-laws or statutes, good governance
    • Lobbying campaigns / we do have very good connections into the political sector in Germany and other countries
    • Organisation of visites at industrial companies for delegations (tell us what you would like to visit).